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karasuno faces of defeat 


Crockpot Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup w/Curry Roasted Acorn Squash.
Really nice recipes. Every hour.


Crockpot Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup w/Curry Roasted Acorn Squash.

Really nice recipes. Every hour.


I’m reopening my custom tactician commission for a little bit!

Custom Tactican Print Commission!! (how wordy)

If you wanted a custom FEA tactician based on my fea print.

This is $25 per tactician. +$5 for domestic shipping. +7 for canada and +9 for everywhere else. I ship out in a stiff envelope and because of that they always charge me double the regular fee for outside US, sorry for the inconvenience. But it’s prevent the print from bending.

It’ll be 8.5x11 or letter size print of your tactician chilling with their idiot friends.

  • You will need to provide me with a reference of your tactician (face, hair, and expression you want me to draw them in).
  • Choose a greeting or two from anyone in the barracks (try to avoid evening or late evening mainly because the image has the sun up still, but if you still want evening quotes, i’ll use it).
  • And any small requests are free (ex. “move one of henry’s crow near my MU.” NOT “move henry next to me instead of Lissa”). If it’s too difficult I may charge more or not do it at all, but feel free to ask.

I will need payment before I start drawing. So this will be first come first served. Please email me at ylee213 (at) gmail with the above information.



I’m also doing a grabbag style of my old letter size and smaller prints and stickers. If you were interested it’s 10 dollars (additional shipping depends on where you live, but it’ll be free shipping for those commissioning me since they already paid shipping for the commission) and it will include at least three random letter size prints from me. ex: x x x x x x x  Thanks for reading!


Free! - From commercial to anime

it ended where it started


I miss Chao Gardens so much.


I miss Chao Gardens so much.


This is the video game we never knew we wanted.

NYC high school students Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser created Tampon Run during their participation in Girls Who Code.

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The opening sequence from Episode 1 of Book 4, "After All These Years". (High quality video)

IGN also provides a synopsis for the season:

"In Book Three, Avatar Korra had to save the world and endured her most intense battle yet. Now broken and bruised, she begins a journey of self-discovery and survival in a new world where the strong Prey Upon the weak. When an aggressive military force rises up led by the power hungry Kuvira, the fate of the Earth Kingdom hangs in the balance and only the Avatar can set things right."



I feel like very few, or at least not many of the people of tumblr are aware of what is going on in my home country Hong Kong right now.

You guys gave alot of coverage and support when Scotland was voting for its independance, so I’m hoping you’ll all support the people of Hong Kong as well.

Right now, many of us are in a mass demonstration of pro-democracy against China. But wait a sec, isn’t Hong Kong China? This is a big misconception amongst foreigners, but please, we are far from being similar to China at all.

A little history class: Hong Kong used to be colonized by the British, and before you white-knights begin going all “them damn white racist ppl taking over another asian country” please don’t. We are thankful Britain took us under its wing and instilled in us values that I feel made us what we are today; that is, a democratic people with respect for free speech, amongst many things.

On the other hand, China is communist, with government controlled media and news. Google, instagram, facebook and many tv shows are blocked in China. It really is just a few steps from North Korea imo.

So what’s the problem here? Britain unfortunately had to hand back Hong Kong to China, but one of the requirements is that Hong Kong be allowed to operate as ‘one country two systems’, meaning Hong Kong should be able to have its own democratic government. But China has broken its promise. A while back, China tried to put a mandatory ‘national education’ curriculum in all our primary schools. We all know what that is; a communist brainwashing regime. And now, they have announced that in 2017 Hong Kong will be able to vote for its president; BUT only from 3 candidates hand picked by its PRO-BEIJING legislation.

As you can see, China is trying to takeover completely and turn us into another communist state.

Of course, we have taken to the streets. In a mirror if the Tiananmen protests, students have also stepped up to fight for our rights and our future, albeit in a peaceful protest of course. But the police force who have always been a friend of the people, are now responding with force, something that had never been done before in Hong Kong.

First it was pepperspray, then teargas. Then, armed forces came in qith rubber bullets. They warn they will come out with live ammunition soon if we do not get off the streets but the people continue to sit tight, disrupting businesses China so strive to takeover and make use of. It’s been 2 days now, but the people plan to continue at least till 1st October or even beyond. The significance is that October 1st is China’s National day, not ours, Hong Kong has not been granted it’s own National day.

Please spread the news. This is a country we’re talking about. These are my people.

You can join this event to wear yellow in support of my people on October 1st.

You can also read a more detailed explanation of what’s going down here and watch a live feed here.

Just to add on- Hong Kong is one of the rare examples where it genuinely did kind of end up being better off under colonial rule. And before I get jumped on for being a neo-colonialist- I’m saying that as a person with Chinese ancestry whose great grandparents left China because of the accumulated poor situation caused by the Opium Wars and political strife in the early 1900s. Do not dichotomise conflicts outside the world as “White people oppressing POC”. Yes Chinese people have been victims at the hands of the British, then the Japanese- but today the Chinese government is culpable in corruption and human rights abuses- even against its own citizens in the mainland. There were thousands of disturbances last year in China over various issues like land grabs, corruption and pollution. The government has also been oppressing ethnic minorities like the Tibetans and Muslim Uighurs. What you see happening here in Hong Kong is another pattern in the behaviour of an authoritarian government that really needs to be held more accountable.  

Yes, the Opium Wars fucked China up, but the Communists really ruined the country during the 1950s onwards with the disastrous Great Leap Forward. There was a horrible famine caused by state mismanagement- and by the end of it all, it’s estimated anywhere from 18 million to 45 million Chinese died. Far more than died in WW2. And then of course, the infamous Cultural Revolution where there were basically witch-hunts which just caused enormous upheaval and strife, where people were “outed” as “bourgeois” or capitalists or whatever and imprisoned, tortured and publicly humiliated. University students and professors were accused of being traitors. Even the Communist Party today acknowledges it was a complete disaster. While all of this was going on, by comparison, Hong Kong flourished under British rule.

The China you see today that is the world’s second largest economy is a product of Deng Xiaoping’s reform in the 1970s- which involved throwing out huge parts of the Communist economic policies to embrace capitalism- and putting a stop to the blind and rigid adherence to Communist ideology. Economically, China is in many ways very open to capitalism BUT politically, the government is pretty authoritarian still. And quite capable of oppression.

Do not lionise the Chinese government as this heroic “POC” country standing up to “white supremacy”, give them a free pass, or somehow think whatever they do cannot be as bad as Western imperialism. People with my skin colour are perfectly capable of oppression when they have institutional power. And they darned well better be called out for it. 















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sic semper tyrannis and thanks for all the fish or whatever meme is appropriate here


ironic that they get so mad about social justice then turn around and essentially cry about not having a Safe Space

rest in piss

tl;dr is moot put new mods in charge who won’t put up with dogshit sexist/racist/gross opinions and now /b/ is crying because apparently it’s more important to make sexist remarks than to be decent human beings

praise be unto satan

and here is moot’s response to all the little babies getting upset that their boards are being deleted

you’re welcome

You and all those other imbeciles have destroyed a website that was once dedicated to free speech under the guise of anonymity. Sure that bred a lot of idiots, and people could say anything stupid that they wished, but it was FREE. Unbridled, pure, free speech. 

Anyone that has an opinion now, banned. Any mod that actually wanted to help achieve this goal too, banned. Possibly doxxed too, Moot’s no longer above that anymore.

Do you have absolutely no morals or ethics? You’re just totally fine with the outright censorship and blocking of anyone who disagrees with you and your “army” of SJW idiots? Your intentions and actions have been shown, and you literally have nothing left to throw at people that can convince them that you’re just a victim of all their “Misogyny”.

And after all that, all you have to say to people about this is “You’re welcome”? As in “you’re welcome” for totally showing how much you should praise me for defeating the evil 4chan? Once GamerGate is over, and all their demands become met, you’ll be absolutely ruined. Stories on all the garbage you’ve done will finally come to light, and no one will listen to another word you say. All the stories on how you committed rape to your own definition, how you tried to destroy TFYC’s game jam, and how you’re connected to essentially everyone who’s ever written a positive story about you in some way.

And all we’ll say after you’re completely ruined and forgotten is

"You’re welcome"     

THIS fuckin guy


This post just keeps getting better and better.

>”Do you have absolutely no morals or ethics?”

>crying about not being able to freely post without morals or ethics




Dancing to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun opening. And re-enacting that oh so beloved bike scene. 

this just made my whole day


What’s happening in Hong Kong?


  • The protests are being held in order to achieve universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Although democracy had been promised for 2017 in 2008, China announced this August that Hong Kong people would only be able to vote from a pool of 2-3 specially selected candidates (all of whom would definitely have pro-China sentiments) 
  • University students held a week-long boycott of classes to protest for true democracy in Hong Kong 
  • Today riot police were deployed against peaceful protesters. Equipped in full riot gear the police used pepper spray to deter the protesters, mainly students and youths but also some elderly people have reported being sprayed point blank 
  • It is estimated that over 50,000 people have joined the protest and this number continues to grow
  • This is the largest political protest in Hong Kong since our independence from the UK in 1997 
  • Although the protests remain peaceful, police have now started to use tear gas and have brought out long guns loaded with rubber bullets (there hasn’t yet been a report of any bullets being shot)
  • Over 80 arrests have been made including students as young as 16 for taking part in these protests
  • They are cutting cell phone receptions in the protest area so that people can’t share any information
  • Violence is increasing as police continue to instigate protesters
  • All this comes right before the October 1st celebration of the 65th anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China 
  • There are rumours that the PLA (the Chinese army) are going to be brought into the city tonight 

More facts about Hong Kong:

  • We run under a one country, two systems policy with China meaning that we are part of China but have our own government and laws. 
  • Protests for universal suffrage have been held throughout the summer but these are the biggest yet 
  • Anti-China and anti-government sentiments are at their highest levels yet. Survey results showed that 1 in 5 people are thinking of emigrating from the city. 
  • In June, China issued a white paper essentially telling Hong Kong to remember their place and re-asserting their authority over the city

The scenes from the protest look awful. In my 17 years in Hong Kong I’ve never seen anything like it. The world needs to know about this and say something before we get a recurrence of the Tiananmen Square massacre.





I hope everyone stays safe. Hong Kong stay strong. 


New Nintendo 3DS Japanese Ad feat. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!




Wow okay.
Tumblr doesn’t send anymore asks if you send a “.” and a letter or word without a space right after it.

Example: H…hello (doesn’t send it) - H… hello (will send it)

It says it sends the ask but it doesn’t. My gf and I were trying since 2 days now and we just found out what the problem was.
Pass it on.

This explains SO MUCH GRRGHH

the shitty system thinks its a url thats why